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Who we are
About us

Data Axle helps businesses make and save money through data, technology, and services


Leader as a B2B data provider
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45+ years as an industry leader in data compilation and services
20% of all Fortune 500 companies as customers
Thousands of companies—from local mom and pop shops, to global enterprises—work with us to find better ways to make data-driven decisions to help them expand their capabilities, drive real-time business intelligence, and grow their business. Whatever your goals, our team can help you reach and exceed them.

Our values


As the stewards of billions of data points that thousands of organizations depend on, we take reliability, accessibility, and accuracy very seriously. The trust our clients have put in us over the last 45 years is proof that we know how to make good on our promises.


Our data and technology power many of the tools, platforms, and content you come in contact with every day, and we want to do right by those who build them. That’s why we're completely transparent about where our data comes from and how it’s validated.


We tenaciously pursue quality for every dataset, solution, and service we offer. We make 24 million phone calls and invest $20 million each year to verify our data and develop new technology and services that enable our clients to make smarter decisions.


Our history

We started in 1972, as Infogroup, with a mission to help businesses large and small use data in innovative ways to improve their products, grow their businesses and expand their capabilities.

Over the last four decades, we have acquired some of the most prominent technology, data compilation, and media services companies, built hundreds of products, developed dozens of services, and grown our team. We’re proud of where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished, and we’re thrilled for the next chapter in our history — Data Axle.

As we’ve started the transition from Infogroup to Data Axle, our new name reflects our legacy of putting data at the center of everything we do, as we continuously evolve and innovate. We’re unifying all of our capabilities and expertise within a single company and platform that makes it easier than ever for our clients to effectively use our data, technology, and services to grow their business.

In the past, you might have known us as any of these companies and products:


...we know, it’s a lot.
But going forward, we’re simply DATA AXLE.

Our data

You have access to all consumer and business datasets you need at your fingertips and in real time. Use it to improve the accuracy and functionality of your own products, applications, and processes, improve marketing strategies and performance, enhance your technology stack, get deeper insight into your market, and more.

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Our award-winning services

Our service teams are made up of passionate, smart, and innovative experts across dozens of specializations, from traditional marketing channels to the most cutting edge technology. We work closely with our clients (often onsite!) to make it easier for them to make data-driven decisions that help them grow and expand their business.

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Our products

Data Axle’s pre-built integrations, APIs, and full-featured marketing and sales software help thousands of our clients acquire new customers, generate leads, market and manage information about their businesses, and more, with support from a friendly team of experts, eager to help them get the most out of the tools we create.

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Recognized by Forrester as a leading provider of business data

Today’s B2B marketers and salespeople are striving to make authentic connections with their audiences. High quality data and intelligence are critical elements for achieving this goal.

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